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Document Indicator Reviews


Whether you rely on individuals to review their performance indicators, or gather regularly as a group to discuss your numbers: QI Folio Performance Indicator Monitoring make memorializing your interpretive commentary a snap.

Pull directly from Performance Indicators and then add your comments about each metric, or about the overall performance of the program for the time period.  Having data is just the first step - keeping track of that data in a meaningful way will lead your Quality Improvement teams to meaningful PDSA projects for better client outcomes.

Report on Indicator Monitoring with SmartStory™

There are a number of stakeholders that want to know how programs are performing.  The Indicator Monitoring SmartStory™ creates the perfect summary that you can share with executives, grant funders, or post to an agency intranet page for transparency.  Bottom line is you can keep people informed of not just the data - but what your people are seeing in the data - in a matter of seconds with a SmartyStory™ link.

Performance Indicator Monitoring SmartStory


Start documenting your Indicator Monitoring now - and keep everyone informed!

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