Strategic Plan Collage

Map Your QI Projects to the Strategic Plan

Your agency has invested a lot of time, money, and effort into creating a strategic plan.  Now what?

The question, how are we doing, will come.  QI Folio has your answer.

Simply load the entire strategic plan document, create the hierarchy of goals and strategies, then tag your existing Quality Improvement projects in the right places. 


Strategic Plan SmartStory™

Board Members, Executives, Accreditation associations; they all want to know that your quality improvement work is connected to the overall agency strategic plan.  With QI Folio's SmartStory™ reporting, you can create a shareable link in seconds that includes:

  • The whole Strategic Plan Document
  • Count of Total Projects and Completed Projects
  • Goals & Strategies Hierarchy
  • Open and Closed Project Summary Info



Strategic Plan SmartStory


Answer the question "how are we doing on our strategic plan?" in seconds!

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