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Custom Form Builder

It's time to replace those Word docs and Spreadsheet templates with QI Folio's custom form builder for chart audits.  Create unique audit forms that can be customized for each program and review level.

Construct your questions with a variety of field types including, text boxes, check box lists, drop down menus, and date pickers.

Deficiency Tracker

The deficiency tracker workflow allows you to communicate back to chart owners when your audits find charts out of compliance.  They can make corrections, document those corrections, and return the audit for final review.  Quality teams can manage lists by a number of filters for effective follow up on Programs, Reviewers, Chart Owners, Overdue Audits - so there's always a clear picture of who, needs to do what.


Scoring and Reporting

Historically, agencies have had a difficult time reporting on chart audits.  Even the number of audits done has been difficult to come by when audits are isolated into separate files.  QI Folio's Chart Audit module provides useful scoring and reports that aggregate your data and inform quality improvement projects.

Reporting highlights include:

  • Weighted Scoring
  • Scores by Program/Form
  • Question Deficiency Scoring (identify common misses for process improvement)
  • Average Audit Scores Aggregated
  • Excel exports of all audits and answers to all questions


Chart Audit Reporting Collage


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