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Present your PDSA Story

QI Folio SmartStory™ pulls all saved events into a single chronological narrative that tells the story of your Plan Do Study Act projects.  Segmented by project stage, it pulls the comments, next steps, and visuals of any uploaded documents into the story. 

Stories include:

  • Project Name & Dates
  • Project Team w/ Profile Photo's
  • Aim Statement
  • Conclusion Statement
  • All enabled events


Create multiple stories for sharing inside or outside your organization.  A SmartStory™ can be shared with a unique weblink and no license is required to view, so you can share with people outside your agency, and disable the link at any time. 

Brand your stories with your own agency colors!

Create a Chronological Narrative


The timeline reads so that you no longer need separate write ups to communicate the project story of who did what, when, how, and why! Each event is 

attributed to the person who completed it with name and photo, the date it was completed, and the event type.  

Event types include:SmartStory Collage

  • Meetings
  • Analysis
  • Action Items
  • Diagrams
  • Customize your own!


Start sharing your project stories that demonstrate your commitment to continuous quality improvement!

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